v comb in Pakistan

v comb in Pakistan

v comb in Pakistan

The V-Comb™ is the freshest advancement in normally and successfully expelling head lice. The V-Comb™ does not contain chemicals or pesticides, making it safe to use for all the family. This reusable and stainless steel brush utilizes suction energy to delicately lift any head lice and eggs in your tyke's hair and scalp. A little removable pack toward the finish of the brush traps every one of the eggs and head lice that have been suctioned up, making discarding them simple and clean. v comb in Pakistan

How it functions?

For best outcomes utilize the V-Comb™ on dry hair

Connect another catch channel to the finish of the V-Comb

Once the catch channel is connected to the V-Comb head, please guarantee you hear it fit properly

Reattach the brushing head to the primary body by adjusting the controlling bolts and bend to bolt, you can now start utilizing the brush.v comb in Pakistan

Once your have wrapped up the hair and scalp, instantly expel Capture Filter from the V-Comb and snap on the cover before disposing of. v comb in Pakistan

Substitution Capture Filters are accessible independently in a 8 pack.Telemall

Benefits and Features

Pesticide and Chemical free .v comb in Pakistan

Reusable Comb

Utilizes suction control.Telemall Pakistan

Catch Filter toward the finish of the brush is effortlessly separated

Stainless steel-toothed

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